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The Evolving Use of Government Technology for Case Investigation and Contact Tracing During the COVID19 Pandemic

Top 10 Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Solution Companies - 2021

As states start to permit industries to reopen business operations and strive to re-establish some sense of normalcy, many companies are bringing their employees back to work. However, medical experts argue that safety measures must be maintained, or coronavirus instances will rise again. Of course, maintaining social distance is one of the essential things that enterprises must do to keep their workers safe. Companies and other shared spaces are constantly challenged to maintain a safe environment in their facilities in order to avoid the propagation of this fatal virus while maintaining productivity and business continuity.

It has now become a necessity to use technology to track staff compliance with social distancing practices, create screening rules for important indicators, and enable timely isolation, whether at the individual or facility level. Several employers are mandating employees to wear gadgets that encourage physical distance by alerting them when they are within 6 feet of proximity and collecting data to aid in determining possible coronavirus exposure.

It’s crucial to understand where social distancing issues occur to figure out how to address them. Real-time location systems (RTLS) can be a useful tool for keeping up a particular distance between employees.

At this juncture, various contact tracing and social distancing technology companiesare entering the market to cater to the different needs of enterprises. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Govt CIO Outlook has compiled a list of top contact tracing and social distancing solution providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders on industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Govt CIO Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Solution Providers - 2021’.

    Top Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Solution Companies

  • Contact Harald is an industry leader in contact tracing technology, is giving businesses a new way to keep their employees and customers protected through a simple proximity tracking card. Prior to launching their flagship tracking card, Contact Harald spearheaded the development of many innovative products such as inductive charged Bluetooth cards. In fact, Contact Harald was the pioneer in the development of Bluetooth enabled credit cards. In the wake of the pandemic, the company decided to pivot into contact tracing and started delivering end-to-end contact tracing products to a diverse clientele

  • Designed by the founders of Twenty™, Healthy Together app is enabling the citizens of Utah to assess symptoms on their own, locate testing centers and hotspots on the map, get access to the nearest testing resources, obtain the digital test results promptly, and receive other official information seamlessly, among others

  • ViroGuard offers biosecurity solution to help businesses, schools and places of gathering to better manage and contain COVID-19 and protect their members

  • Corsight


    Corsight AI’s technology is able to compliantly identify individuals on watchlists even under the most challenging conditions, overcoming common issues such as face coverings and harsh environments, at an unmatched speed

  • Everbridge


    Everbridge helps to assess risk, locate impacted people and assets, act rapidly, and analyze outcomes to drive continued optimization for organization

  • ImageSoft


    ImageSoft received recognition for its exceptional work helping organizations operate more efficiently using Hyland’s content services platform

  • Kiana Analytics

    Kiana Analytics

    The company offers a ready-to-deploy, privacy-first, cloud-based digital contact tracing platform

  • ReturnSafe


    ReturnSafe is full of enthusiastic, exceptional makers and doers who want to empower organizations to return to work safely and to maintain ongoing health and safety

  • Service Objects

    Service Objects

    Help businesses make better decisions about the customers they serve. Consistently recognized for best-in-class unlimited 24/7/365 customer service, and also provide guaranteed 99.999% uptime and bank-grade transaction security

  • Sunquest Information Systems

    Sunquest Information Systems

    Sunquest Information Systems Inc. provides diagnostic informatics solutions to laboratories worldwide. With its wide-ranging technical and cross-discipline expertise, and equally deep business acumen, no one is better equipped than Sunquest to transform your lab to meet today’s complex healthcare challenges and deliver next-level performance