Top 10 Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Solution Companies - 2020
Kiana Analytics: Comprehensive Digital Contact Tracing Platform

Top 10 Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Solution Companies - 2020

In light of the CoViD-19 outbreak, nations went into lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus amongst populations. The sudden change meant that enterprise operations came to a staggering halt with the absence of most of their workforce. Presently, quarantine measures are in reversal mode, and businesses are allowed to operate with stipulations . To work with effectiveness, however, companies must ensure the safety of its employees and customers against the corona virus. And for this purpose, most firms deploy manual contact tracing, a process that is seen as slow and prone to errors due to human refusal for contact.

While most companies utilize Bluetooth tracking apps such as Apple-Google’s contact tracing function, it is not always effective in ensuring human accountability. A commendable hurdle this causes for companies is the inability to accurately pinpoint an individual that might have been in proximity with someone who has tested positive, and the places they might have visited thereafter. Another challenge is the prompt diagnosis and self-isolation of a person that may have contracted the disease.

So then how does a company create a clean environment for its staff and visitors?

The magazine portrays those technology vendors that offer comprehensive digital applications for contact tracing and social distancing practices to be initiated and followed at enterprises. As enterprises begin to make a comeback to normalcy, these solutions assist in creating response plans that allow for constant adaptation, innovation and communication amongst employees and visitors at business facilities. This approach allows companies to easily find individuals that may have been subject to the infectious disease, and also accurately trace their steps. Effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19, these solutions can also detect other seasonal diseases such as flu that can also be devastating to an organization or academic institution.

In this edition of Government CIO Outlook, we are proud to present our “Top 10 Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Solution Companies

  • Designed by the founders of Twenty ™, Healthy Together app is enabling the citizens of Utah to assess symptoms on their own, locate testing centers and hotspots on the map, get access to the nearest testing resources, obtain the digital test results promptly, and receive other official information seamlessly, among others. Interestingly, SMBs and large business organizations have also started to associate with Healthy Together to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. By performing daily assessments through Healthy Together’s easy check-up feature, an organization can deem whether an employee poses a risk or not. Its health passport feature allows employees to easily share their status—green (clear to work), yellow (recommended to stay at home), or red (seek medical attention)—with their supervisors, thereby reducing potential risks and liabilities

  • The company offers a ready-to-deploy, privacy-first, cloud-based digital contact tracing platform. Kiana is a GDPR, CCPA, and Canadian PIPEDA data privacy compliant, and a U.S. Department of Homeland Security portfolio company. Kiana’s digital contact tracing platform utilizes an institution’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide detailed digital contact tracing to its customers and can be deployed quickly and easily. As a web application, it does not require any installation of additional apps, hardware, or software, which dramatically reduces the cost of ownership and deployment time

  • V2Soft, Inc.

    V2Soft, Inc.

    CompanyTRAK uses patent pending, dual verification technology to follow and log interaction of employees utilizing a combination of mobile location services (GPS) and BLE technologies, Bluetooth (BT) tags and locators and/or Ultra-Wideband (UWB) devices. The solution tracks primary exposure and notifies employees and the assigned HR/Admin when another employee that they have been in contact with self-reports with symptoms or with positive test results. Its algorithm manages and traces a real interaction to mark and notify employees when exposed

  • Ainstein


    Radar systems and the sensor data processing intelligence are the keys to Ainstein’s autonomous future. The company uses radar for detecting the presence, direction, distance and speed of objects using high-frequency radio waves. It offers deep scientific, mathematical and engineering expertise, along with full spectrum portfolio (24GHz, 60GHz, 76-81GHz) of hardware and software to support customers in developing highly customized solutions with unmatched precision in unpredictable environments

  • DMI


    DMI offers a comprehensive mobile app solution to address these enterprise challenges. From automated safety compliance checklists and reporting to real-time monitoring, alerts and situational awareness support, Workplace Shield by DMI enables organizations with social distancing alerts, contact tracing, tracking sanitization compliance, deploying rapidly on any mobile device and self-screening and reporting

  • Everbridge


    Everbridge’s Critical Event Management solutions are used by over 5,000 organizations to keep people safe and avoid and/or lessen disruption to operations when such events as severe weather, workplace violence, active shooters, terrorism, IT and power outages, environmental spills, brand attacks on social media, product recalls, and medical emergencies occur. The platform allows organizations to assess and identify events, locate key personnel and affected assets, standardize actions to reduce the mean time to respond/repair, and analyze response performance

  • ImageSoft


    ImageSoft helps government agencies serve constituents better by digitally transforming their operations. ImageSoft's technology and OnBase® by Hyland's document management and workflow solutions have increased productivity and public satisfaction, saving time and money for state and local agencies. They have deployed solutions across agencies including finance and administration, planning and public works, health, housing and human services and justice and public safety

  • K4 Solutions

    K4 Solutions

    K4 provides trusted information technology and managed solutions to the Federal Government. Their extensive federal experience, combined with their nimble team of experts, enables them to tailor the services to clients’ unique needs. The company’s information technology division includes program and project management, enterprise architecture, network and systems engineering and web design and development. their managed services division provides health administration support, call center support and document and records management

  • NearForm


    NearForm provide enterprise software development and capability building for top development teams. NearForm works with enterprises to design, build and deliver smart software solutions that accelerate speed to market for today’s digital business. With expertise in open source software, enterprise-grade security, and modern technology stacks and methodologies, NearForm enables businesses to successfully implement ideas fast, securely, and efficiently

  • Qualtrics


    With Qualtrics XM, organizations can be at every meaningful touchpoint, for every experience, and predict which changes will resonate most with stakeholders. The Qualtrics XM Platform is a single system of action for all experience data, also called X-data™, allowing organizations to manage the four core experiences of business, customer, product, employee and brand experiences, in one place